Stop right there. This will only take 10 minutes. you need it. You must stop using the machine for a moment. Don't panic. Remove your hands from the controls now!

OK. good.

Now we are going to align the head and eyeballs, a very relaxing procedure to help prevent premature crippulation


Drop your head and neck forward. Massage the neck, shoulders and back of the head. Use a little tiger balm on your neck if it is sore. Very slowly, roll your head around counterclockwise and then reverse after several three sixties. When you have finished about five each way, return your head and neck to a straight, upright position.


Bring your hands together as if in prayer. Vigorously rub your palms against one another, until you can feel significant heat being generated. Close your eyes, and immediately bring your hands up, and cup and eyeball in each palm. Let the heat sink in, and very gently massage the eyeball, the eye socket, and up to the temples. Lift one arm up in front of you, outstretched. At arm's length, hold up your thumb. Place it directly in the centre of your field of vision. Now, you must look directly ahead, and do not move your head or neck at all. You must keep your thumbnail in sharp focus at all times. Stretch your eyes as far as they can go without losing focus on the thumb at the peripheries Slowly and smoothly, rotate your shoulder, so that your arm remains straight, and it swings out to the periphery of your vision to the right. then swing back through centre, and all the way to the left. Then centre again Move the thumb directly upwards, centre, now downwards and back up to centre

Now you are looking straight at your thumbnail, in dead centre. Very slowly bring it towards you, along the Z axis, headed to a point straight between your eyes. Maintain sharp focus on the thumbnail, and see how close you can bring it to your nose before it blurs. Once you have reached this limit, slowly go back to the starting position.

you may want to massage your eye sockets again now.

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