A German progressive electronic trip-rock band that mildly resembles Megaherz. The singer's voice is a very deep bass, and it is accompanied by heavy guitar, and usually a repetitive drum/techno beat. The lyrics are oddly poetic, an aspect that resembles Megaherz. The band consists only of Alexx Weslesky (lyrics/vocals) and Noel Pix (composition/keyboards, guitars, programming (yes programming)). The electronics form the base of the music, upon which a lighter or softer melody is built. They have only released one album so far, which is probably their last one. The album name is self-titled Eisbrecher, and it is about the world going cold. Noel Pix was in Megaherz from 1998-2000, as was Alexx. The most well-known (if you can call it that) song on the album is Fanatica, which resembles a techno/dance song. The album is strongly recommended for fans of Megaherz, Rammstein, or Stahlhammer.

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