07:17:30: yerricde: EDEV: Where does Findings: construct the list of alternate titles? And would it be that hard to add a blank line between (say) titles with four words matched, three, two, and one?

07:18:38: yerricde: EDEV: And would it be too laggy to give the number of writeups after an e2node's title?

11:55:22: idoru: EDEV: (JayBonci) True. Unfortunately doing a List Nodes of Type of mail and selecting daily report email does not allow you to view the code generating it, or we could fix it...

16:51:08: Randofu: EDEV: Would it reduce the lag at all if the Cbox sent you to a separate node that had a link back to the last node you visited? That way, it wouldn't be reloading everything.... but maybe it would be more trouble than it's worth.

16:56:55: hodgepodge: EDEV: Randofu: I think the bulk of the HTML generated by a reload is actually in the structure of the page, not the content of the node (unless it's a particularly long node), so I'm not sure how it would help. Especially if you just chatter once...

16:58:25: hodgepodge: EDEV: ...and then have to load the page all over again to get back to noding. Chattering more frequently should be done through the java chatterbox anyway.

17:10:47: proj2501: EDEV: i don't think the jbox works on macs though :\

17:28:53: Randofu: EDEV: I never use the Java cbox, because I always think I'm just gonna make one comment in the cbox and be done with it - then I somehow get sucked in...... ^^; Oh well, just thought I'd make a suggestion.

18:32:54: Eraser_: EDEV: i chatter into the chatterbox, then watch for the reply in the catbox....makes the actual chatterbox a little disjointed, but it's very cross platform :)

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