the gilded frame says EDEV: would it be possible to include a printable version link on Everything New Nodes?
Easy enough, since displaytype=printable is already supported for superdocs. Add this to it (I'd suggest the end, and wrapped in a <p align=right>:
[% linkNode($NODE, 'printable version', { displaytype => 'printable' } ) %]

Update: This isn't quite what tgf was going for. Look at the full node -- it's a stab at adding AvantGo ability to E2. Nifty.
An attempt at an AvantGo-friendly ENN (should be created as a fullpage):
my $limit = 100;
my $isEd = (exists $HTMLVARS{'group_content editors'}{$uid}) || (exists $HTMLVARS{'group_gods'}{$uid})
my $qry = "SELECT * FROM newwriteup, node where newwriteup.node_id=node.node_id

$qry.= "and notnew=0 " unless isEd;
$qry.= " order by newwriteup_id DESC LIMIT $limit";

my $csr = $Everything::dbh->prepare($qry);

$csr->execute or return "SHIT";
my $count=0;

my $str ="<h1>AvantGo-nice ENN</h1><p>\n";

use Everything::XML;

while(my $N = $csr->fetchrow_hashref){
  $N = getNode $$N{node_id};
  $str .=  linkNode($N)." by ".$$N{author_user}."<br>"

More in depth on the issue:
The perfect situation that I don't know how to creat would be:
  • having a printable version theme so that all pages are void of everything but the write-ups.
  • Creating a way to differentiate when I'm logging in to use the site and when it is being accessed by Avant-Go so that the printable version theme happens only when Avant-Go gathers info.

I think that is a good description of my original intent. I'm going to look into what kinds of things make a site a good Avant-Go candidate and maybe i can develop a new theme geared specifically for that purpose.

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