A proposed function to replace ednsection, a subroutine of Everything Developer, in order to make it useable within other nodelets. The changes made are minor, and are marked with bold text.

my ($pref,$field) = @_; my $param = $pref.'_hide'.$field; my $v; if(defined ($v=$query->param($param))) { if($v) { $$VARS{$param}=1; #previously: $$VARS{$param}=$v; } else { $$VARS{$param}=0; #why doesn't this work: delete $$VARS{$param}; } } if($$VARS{$param}) { return '('.linkNode($NODE, 'show '.$field, {$param => 0}).')<br />'; } else { return '('.linkNode($NODE,'hide',{$param => 1}).") <b>$field</b><br />" .htmlcode($pref."section_$field",''); }

Implementing this in the Everything Developer nodelet should require only the following changes, and would keep it fully compatible with every user's current open/close preferences:

11: .htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn','edev'); 12: $str.=htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn','cgiparam') 13: .htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn','everydevel') 14: .htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn','documents'); 15: $str.= '<br />'.htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn','globals');

With these changes, the nodeletsection function could be easily and cleanly integrated into other nodelets without adding unnecessary code.

N-Wing says: this part is done; due to the way htmlcodes are called, however, the 2nd argument should be a text string, with each argument separated by commas (for example: htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn,edev') instead of (bad) htmlcode('nodeletsection','edn','edev')

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