Currently, you can still vote on Webster 1913 definitions, because we don't enforce the actual data exchange with the engine in the vote opcode. This is a really short and easy fix, I think. The proof of the bug, can be tested by going to the evil JayBonci's voting booth and picking something that is a webby writeup. I added it as a new writeup so that it could be handled separately. If the powers that be feel the need to nuke and un-edevify this guy, I can promise the funeral hall won't be packed.

In the vote opcode, after line 16:

  next if $$N{wrtype_writeuptype} == getNode('definition', 'writeuptype'); 
  # or if you wanted to hard code it, you could check against id 177599

Granted, this is a really low end problem, but it's a quick fix. Thanks. Yup, it was. Thanks.

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