Tut tut! Who forgot to close their html tags? :)

From the Other Users nodelet:
54: $intro.="<font size=2><small><i>in ".linkNode($$USER{in_room})."</i><br></font>" if $$USER{in_room};
Should be:
54: $intro.="<font size=2><small><i>in ".linkNode($$USER{in_room})."</i><br></small></font>" if $$USER{in_room};

A minor change, I know, but I'm just posting it here as a small fix (err, pun not intended...?)

nate sez: fixed! Danke!

N-Wing says: oops, that wasn't all Nate's fault, it my eagerness to rid E2 of deprecated tags, I changed the font tag into a small tag, but forgot to remove the opening font tag

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