For me, eating honeysuckle was one of the great, drowsy, summertime pleasures of my childhood. I can well remember wandering through the yard in early twilight, listening to the drone of honeybees, and watching fireflies dance in the growing dusk. And all around, permeating the air with its sweet fragrance, were the tiny blooms of honeysuckle, waiting for childrens' fingers to pluck and drink the tiny drop of nectar from within. That was the very essence of summer from my childhood.

To experience this sensual pleasure yourself, start by finding some honeysuckle. Pluck the flower from the vine below the green cap which form the base of the petals. Pinch the green base cap gently with your thumbnail and index finger, and pull, drawing the stamen(s) backward down through the cap and out the bottom. The stamen will gather nectar from the inside of the petals and collect it at the tip. Dab the stamen against your tongue. This works best a day or so after some rain, so the plants have more moisture to produce nectar.

I hope it brings back a memory of your childhood. It still does for me.

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