See also hypocritical.

A kind of morality that changes according to various external factors, including but not limited to:
  • convenience
  • what I feel like at the time
  • what I don't feel like at the time.

Gives birth to the axiom, "I did what was right at the time" as well as the puzzling assertion by George W. Bush that now 'he thinks individuals must be held accountable for personal behavior.' This was said just recently when Bush put a first-time mother, who was 27 (similar in age to Bush's years of nose pollution), in jail for trace amounts of cocaine.

This behavior is seen on Everything too. Some people think that it is perfectly fine to fish for votes if you need to get just a few more before the server clock goes over the edge. Or if you are just about to gain a level and you will trade votes with another user in order to get above the line, but later frown on it when that other person needs just a few votes to get over the line.

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