dyld stands for dynamic loader.
It is a programmatic interface to the linker/loader for the Mach-O object code file format.
Under Mac OS X dyld is also a dynamic link editor.
Programs that are ready for dyld are not actually linked. They are more/less a bunch of object files lazily merged together. Dyld figures out all the specifics of the Mach-O module and resolves all the symbol dependencies.

For example:

If you compile a standard ANSI C program, most of the dependencies dyld would need to resolve would regard the ones to the standard C library which is located in the system framework.

dyld is much more sophisticated than any other currently available loader. You can, for example, specify your object not to be memory protected. dyld can choose not to link a chunk of program at all, if it feels it should be memory savvy. It can also, choose to load up whole frameworks into memory and everything they are dependent on, in coordination with the Mach microkernel.

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