Drug bore: A person who bores others with their drug-related stories

All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but all stoned and nothing else makes him even duller. How interesting can a person be who's primary interest is in staring vacantly into space?

Drugs are mostly boring when you're not on them. There are few more things more boring than hearing about someone go on about a drug that you do not use.

for instance, And then we smoked this leaf that was, like, dark green, and moist, with small seeds, and we were so stoned or last weekend we has 2 caps each and were tripping so hard, and the week before that we only took one cap and tripped lots too or even last night we were soo drunk, I drank beer, then whisky, then shooters, and then I threw up twice

Even if you do use the drug, the stories get repetitive. That's because the experience gets repetitive. Yes, even LSD. Trust me on this. Psychedelics do not in themselves give you deep insights. They are free-floating essence-of-meaning, unattached to anything actually meaningful, so they make everything that happens around them seem more meaningful.

This goes a way to explaining visual hallucinations - your pattern recognition subsystems become over-eager to claim a match. The fact that we see geometric shapes shows that we have subsystems that are there to recognise those shapes. I find that interesting actually.

But anyway hallucinogens do not contain messages, they are exclamation marks that attach to all thoughts around.

An example:
Sunday, noon. Phone rings
Me: Hello?
V: Hey man, you gotta see this, I'm out at the hot baths, looking at the sky. The.. the clouds!
Me: Clouds, Ok, what about them?
V: They're amazing! All fluffy and white. You wouldn't believe the clouds out here.
Me: Uh-huh. Clouds.
V: Clouds! Wow!
Me: You've been at the medicine cabinet again, haven't you?

If you or one of your friends becomes a drug bore, I see several ways that they could end up:

  • They realise that they are boring others (and themselves), and get over it. This is the most usual case. Help it along by reminding them how boring they are to listen too. See how they react to your boring stores about a drug that you have done but they don't. A reduction but not cessation of drug use usually follows this realisation. Try to keep in mind what you did for fun before you started using.
  • Birds of a feather trip together. When people start using drugs, they often alter their social group to spend more time with users and less time with non-users. They will bore each other with their weed/acid/ecstasy/cocaine/booze stories. Oddly enough, this is not as boring, perhaps because each person feels that they can learn from the other's experience. This will delay the first reaction, but not indefinitely.
  • Addiction to dependence-producing substances. The user shuts out everything except their drugs of choice. Very boring.
  • Dealing. It's thrilling, interesting, demanding, even sometimes profitable. It's easy to get into if you use and hang around with a lot of users. Just a pity it's a real bad idea.
    "dealing is a harder habit to break than using" - William Burroughs.

There are several interesting thing about drugs. First and foremost is the experience of being on them yourself, before it becomes routine. The mind can adapt to almost anything.

How they work is also very interesting. That neural and synaptic stuff is fascinating. Consciousness is a chemical phenomenon. Participate in your own manipulation.

The stuff that people come up with on hallucinogens can be funny or interesting.

The rest is just boring.

I do not mean to imply that all drug users are bores, just that it is an easy trap to fall into. Many drug users go through a stage of telling everyone in sight about their new hobby. When you do drugs, have fun, then move on, live a full life - that includes being able to enjoy and talk about other things besides drugs. Recreation, just plain fun and even getting insensitate is an essential part of life, but just a part. When it becomes most of your life, something is out of balance. In most cases this corrects itself over time.

Inspired by a conversation in the catbox. Thanks to ryano, captainTrippy, amoeba and others.

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