"I'm sorry, it just slipped!"

"It doesn't just slip! Do you realize what you've done?"

"I've been trying to put it back together!"

"And what kind of job have you been doing?"

"You know infinity is hard."

"So you're failing then."

"I'm trying my best! Look, at least most of it wasn't damaged - just kind of this section here."

"So what have you been doing in that section?"

"Trying to put them in the right holes again."


"So many of them are almost identical!"

"So how do you decide where they go?"

"I make a best guess. I don't think they notice."

"As far as they know, nothing changed?"

"Yes, if any start to suspect something, I try to find them a new home."

"And if you never get them back where they belong?"

"Some kill themselves."

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