Apparently, Value Village's most recent slogan is 'More than you bargained for!' which is fine and good as it's a thrift store and people go to thrift stores to find bargains. True, the phrase generally has negative connotations, but it's cliche enough that it doesn't challenge anyone to think too deeply about it.

Vaguely disturbing, however, is the way they've chosen to use the phrase for in-store advertising. Namely, all the signs hanging from the ceiling that mark the various sections of the warehouse/store include said phrase in the corner. So the sign over the kids' clothes reads:

Childrens' Clothing
"More than you bargained for!"

(I won't launch into the rant about the promiscuous use of double-quotes.)

This, also, is fine. Until they do it to the dressing room sign. It's a little threatening to change in a space marked 'Changing Rooms - "More than you bargained for!" '

Does this imply that there are surveillance cameras behind the mirrors? That the rooms don't get cleaned and may be infested with others' weird skin diseases? That while you're blinded, trying to struggle into a non-ergonomic dress, little elves will come and pickpocket you? That small children are likely to crawl under the door while you are changing? (That last is not made up and could be exactly what the sign is trying to imply)

I'm not really sure. All I know is that it's kind of an amusing side effect of an otherwise dull advertising campaign.

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