Possibly the best way to describe someone with extrasensory perception through their dreams. Often, these prophecies come in metaphorical terms along the lines of some terrible symbolism in which one refers to the dream dictionary.

Other times, prophet may just see symbols in dream the following day.


I had a dream that I was in the woods searching for the solution to a contest. There were nine unfinished houses (mainframe constructions) and a wise man told me that the answer lied within the center of the houses. I went back to my team, but no one believed my solution. A huge argument arose, and suddenly I was in the back of the woods with a boy that I detest attempting to run me over with a jeep.

The following day, I saw nine unfinished houses, got into an argument with my family (the team), saw the same exact jeep that ran me over in the dream, not to mention the boy.

Some believe this to be pure tripe, but the coincidence is frightening.

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