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At the beach with Cory Harrison and another boy and another woman - his mom? We were far away from the water, up a grassy hill, could see the waves but not hear them. Cory was describing a player piano but didn't know the name for it. I told him we used to have one, and he was impressed. He said they had one in the House on the Pole, and pointed. I pretended to know what he was talking about, but I was baffled by what looked like a human-sized house, sprouting out of the ocean on a twig-thin pole. I hoped for dolphins.

The others went ahead and I found a ravine full of goths and punks and whatnot. They were laughing and I wanted to know why. I climbed down the slope but there was a stream at the bottom which was deeper and more silty than I'd thought; it pulled my feet down and I got worried and tried to climb back up. A tall thin pale boy and his sullen woman came over to watch me struggle. She was in a tshirt and no pants - her genitals were covered by what looked like a pink rubber feed bag, glued on. A black leather halter around her waist.

Why should we help you?

Mescaline, I whispered. She reached down and grabbed my hand.

I'm sitting at a round table with Saige and sensei. Heaped in the middle of the table are words of all sizes and shapes. Oh - and colors. It's like we're trying to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle, and all of the pieces have been dumped into the middle of the table, and we have to start to imagine some possible order to it all. But the pieces move. We're elbow deep in little squirming words, and have no idea what the picture should be. Occasionally other people appear at the table, and toss shiny new words onto the pile, or piece them together with us. Then they flicker out. Other times, it's like one of those games where the heads, torso, feet are on separate tumblers and you twist it around to make new people. (POOF) It's DMan. (TUMBLE) It's yossarian. (CLICKETA) Magenta. (and so on.)

We keep holding up beautiful pieces to the light, and exclaiming over them. Sensei finds ones good enough to eat. No, better. This just goes on and on. Sometimes there are sharp ones in the pile, but we put our pricked fingers in our mouths unil the bleeding stops and continue on with our other hand.

This was actually a short dream. But it's still going on, in some sense. And, Oh My! I had an Everything Dream!.

In a car, rushing to go do violence and save the world. There's someone else in the car. Is this a video game? A wall comes out of no where - I have an eerie premonition of it, but of course, it's inevitable. We hit the wall. People try to kidnap me - I manage to disable 5 out of 7, but then I am taken.

When I regain consciousness, I am in a cell. There's one of my friends in the cell with me, but I don't remember who. Strong feeling that this is a video game. We plan our escape. There are about 12 sorceressess casting a huge fireball-like spell; we plan to escape when they are too far in to stop. One of them defects and joins us.

The sorceresss, my cellmate, and I are running. We are leaving the fortess where we were imprisoned and going up a hill. The landscape is pastoral, with increasing trees as we go up the hill. It is autumn. We must decide where to go. We are somewhere near Reed College, but the terrain is entirely different. The other guy (Josh?) asks if we want to go to a restaurant to hide, but I think that's a bad idea. I suggest going to Safeway to buy food. Josh says that he can make a Canadian onion dish. We make it to the top of the hill, and we are in a country where German is spoken. There are scattered houses, and we run through back yards, trying to escape our captors. There is a man, lying with his head against the tree, sleeping. I wake up.

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