Now we can play eat poop you cat when we're not at a nodermeet

Drawception is quite literally an online version of "Eat Poop You Cat" coded by web developer Reed Lakefield and found at .  It is currently in beta.   Drawception currently requires you to register through your profile on a social media site, either facebook, y!, Google +, or twitter. Upon registration, it assigns you a random username based on your info, but that can be changed to your preferred handle in settings

The game works just like its pencil and paper ancestor, one player starts a game writing a phrase, then the next one must draw a picture, then the next must describe the picture, and so on. Each "play" has a 10 minute timer, and you can skip prompts if you want.  Games are 12 rounds (6 text, 6 pictures) by default, but can be increased to 18.  Only after the game is completed can you see everyone's plays.  The site uses a karma system where your contributions get upvoted or downvote.  At first, you can only contribute to existing games, but after you have achieved a karma of 10, you can create new games.  A newly added feature allows users to create private games and only play with their friends. 

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