dr.damn is the alias of a male resident of California who is known for 'cleaning' spyware/adware (advertising and user-tracking features) out of file sharing clients, including iMesh, Grokster and SongSpy. dr.damn's website can be found at http://www.drdamn.com/ since the person who hosted his files on edot.ch was contacted by their ISP and informed that dr.damn's materials were to be removed. He has had his website at cleanclients.tk and cleanclients.com, the .tk domain was bought by Grokster and the cleanclients.com has also been shut down. dr.damn is public enemy number one for file-swapping companies who have adopted an aggressive stance against the 'clean' software movement such as Sharman Networks whose CEO Nikki Hemming has stated: "They're essentially hackers and rippers. Basically our brand name is being damaged quite significantly by these activities."1 dr.damn is currently attending a college in California.

Quote from dr.damn:
"I think most people who've heard of me know of me because of my efforts to raise awareness of spyware. Even those who choose not to run my hacked p2p clients should be aware of what's going on with their system."
--\dr. damn/--

dr.damn, through means of electronic mail

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