When an intel processor recieves an interrupt, it looks for an interrupt table. When in protected mode, this table is an array defined by its base and length. If an interrupt which index is outside the length of the array occurs, a special double fault interrupt occurs. If this interrupt is still outside length, a tripple fault occurs.

Also a tennis term for when the server commits two "illegal" serves (faults) consecutively. Illegal serves could be due to foot faults, or failure to hit the ball into the required portion of the receiver's court (diagonal from the server and in the part of the receiver's court closest to the net).

The receiver (or receiving team in doubles) earn a point when the server double faults.

Double faults are not cumulative. In other words, if the server double faults and then commits a 3rd consecutive fault, this 3rd fault would be considered the same as a 1st fault.

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