This is a tip to everyone. It goes for anyone that has clients. Lawyers, web admins/designers, prostitutes, etc. If you live with your client you are getting yourself ready for a trip through hell.

My personal experience is as a web designer for an organization my dad runs. I've been doing it for two years now and I have gotten a little bit of cash out of it. However, if I had been doing this professionally I would have gotten at least 3-5 times as much. It's not a hard site to do either. It is actually a relatively simple site. When I originally started it I even used Frontpage. I of course regret that now but I am not prepared to spend the time to redesign the entire site. That's why I am not giving a link to the site out to anyone.

The reason I hate this job is because I live with my dad (pitfall of only being in high school). This means i must provide tech support at whatever time it may be needed. If this means waking me up early in the morning to fix some non-existent problem then I must wake up.

For example, he woke me up early this morning to fix a problem on the site about how the text was too big on the entire site. He had even started fixing certain pages so the text was set smaller so it looked right on his screen when he previewed it. I suspected he had messed something up with his global browser text settings. I was right in the end and I easily fixed the text.

It didn't take long to fix. That's not what bugged me. I am ennoyed that I was expected to drop whatever I was doing to go help him. I don't have a problem with helping during the course of the day. I have a problem with having to stop my current actions(in this case sleeping).

This is a word of warning. Avoid helping your housemates with services that usually they'd pay for. It's just not a good idea. It should be avoided like the plague.

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