Discogs.com is a cleanly designed, database-driven, user-moderated site that collects discographies, originally with a focus on electronic music. The site filled a need for an interactive pan-genre database of music information and has grown quite large over the years, hosting release information for labels from A & D to ZZO Recordings. The exposure has grown so widespread that the resource is frequently used by eBay sellers to fill in the details of music they are auctioning. Advertising and pay accounts have sprung up to deal with the growth of the site, though the raw information itself remains free to the public. Thanks to the amount of users actively submitting information, the database is more extensive than any other for several specialized genres of music. From their site:
Discogs is a user-built database containing information on artists, labels, and their recordings. Discogs is constantly growing as users submit releases to the database. Refer to the help section for information on how to submit.

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