A small, plastic, toy gun, sometimes called a tracer gun. Features:
  • A chamber which will hold about 23 discs.
  • Discs are loaded from one side, one at a time.
  • Range between 5 and 10 meters.
  • Discs tend to arc in one direction (usually to the right), allowing indirect fire.
  • Disc guns do not benefit from push firing.
  • Variant guns may have clips to allow rapid refilling.

Disc guns are frequently used in Sik and Assassins' Guild games. The guns use semiautomatic fire, allowing people to fire a hail of discs at an opponent or group. Disc guns have a few drawbacks in games:

The discs used as ammo are just about the size of a penny.

When we were kids, the springs in the disc guns were much stronger than they are today. Strong enough, say, to launch a penny. Strong enough to leave a welt at 20 feet (~6 meters). Ouch!

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