Chemical Formula: K2HPO4

Molecular Weight: 174.2

CAS Registry number: 7758-11-4

Dipotassium Phosphate is a stable chemical compound used in various manufactured products (mostly food).  It comes as an odorless, white crystal powder with a shelf life of about 12 months. It is deliquescent when exposed to moist air.



Food Industry:
Used as additive in the coffee creamers substitute and as nutrient in various powdered materials (stabilizer (emulsifier) in non-dairy creamers,  bodybuilding drinks). Its function is to prevent protein coagulation, and also to prevent its precipitation. It is a humectant.  Also included in foods where low Sodium is specified, like low Sodium cheeses. It helps control the pH in food processing applications. 
Pharmaceutical Industry:
Used as nutrient in microorganism cultures to produce antibiotics, and as a buffering agent in certain pharmaceuticals.
Put into antifreeze solutions as a buffer and sequestrate, used as a dispersion medium in liquid detergents and as an additive in cheese processes.  It's an ingredient in non-toxic antifreeze.
Used as a high efficient, compound fertilizer preparation for special purposes and as additive in the paper industry.

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