Dim`i*nu"tion (?), n. [L. diminutio, or perh. rather deminutio: cf. F. diminution. See Diminish.]


The act of diminishing, or of making or becoming less; state of being diminished; reduction in size, quantity, or degree; -- opposed to augmentation or increase.


The act of lessening dignity or consideration, or the state of being deprived of dignity; a lowering in estimation; degradation; abasement.

The world's opinion or diminution of me. Eikon Basilike.

Nor thinks it diminution to be ranked In military honor next. Philips.

3. Law

Omission, inaccuracy, or defect in a record.

4. Mus.

In counterpoint, the imitation of, or reply to, a subject, in notes of half the length or value of those the subject itself.

Syn. -- Decrease; decay; abatement; reduction; deduction; decrement.


© Webster 1913.

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