Basically, a dimebag is a bag of herb supposedly worth 10$ and sold for that amount. But the term 'dimebag' carries with it alot of other connotations. Not every 10$ bag of bud is a dimebag.

A dime bag is an urban object. It is normally a very tiny green, black or clear ziplock baggie filled to the bursting point with brick weed, often sealed closed by melting the plastic at the top of the bag together with a lighter.
It can be purchased from a dealer who specializes in selling dimes and probably has a hundred of these already prepared, stashed in their couch or in a cardboard box under the bed. Despite the ridiculous amount they have and the lofty profits to be made, the dimebag dealer will not cut you a deal unless you are purchasing a quanity, then maybe you'll get 5$ off.

In the inner city, dimebags can be found everywhere. Sometimes they are sold openly on the street without a hint of subtlety. Other times one has to go through a specific order of steps that may involve back alleys, stairways and mailslots before their dimebag is in hand. They always contain the crappiest of the crappy city weed and sometimes half the weight is from the inevitable seeds and stems.
The dimebag dealers will say its 'the flame' or 'the chronic' or maybe even go so far as to call it 'kindbud.' Most of them have never seen what real 'kindbud' looks like so they don't even know the full extent to which they are lying.
The contents of a dimebag will most likely result in drowsiness, a headache and munchies within a half hour of smoking them.

However, dimebags do serve a higher purpose: when you can't find bud anywhere else they are always available, predicable, and cheap. when all you're looking for is to have a few joints that evening, you need look no further.

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