The Copyright Salvage Team Charter

The Copyright Salvage Team (CST) was formed  in mid August 2003 in response to the new E2 copyright policy.  The CST originally operated under the auspices of the Copyright Redemption Quest  During the Quest, the Copyright Salvage Team (CST) reviewed over 550 writeups submitted by 97 different E2 authors. 535 of the writeups were deemed compliant with the new policy and the authors were encouraged to add the CST Approved tag as an indication that the writeup had passed a formal inspection. The text of these reviews was stored for future reference in a series of documents titled CST_Storage_n.  A summary of the compliant reviews was created in Copyright Compliant Lyrics and Poems.  

The Quest formally ended on 22 September 2003, and the idea of continuing the CST as an ongoing service to the E2 community was considered.  This document formalizes the results of those discussions and provides a working framework for the CST's continuing operations.  It is intended to be a working model that will evolve as new ideas and techniques emerge.

Mission & Mandate

The CST's primary purpose is to provide a service to the E2 community, authors, editors and management.  We perceive that the transition to a copyright-compliant database has benefits for all involved and our goal is to facilitate that transition wherever possible.  To date we have identified three primary areas where we feel we can be of service:

Reviews. The CST will provide quick and competent reviews of existing or draft writeups for compliance with the E2 copyright policy.  Compliant writeups will be authorized to add the CST Approved link indicating that they have been reviewed.  It is important that authors understand that the CST Approved ONLY indicates compliance with the E2 copyright policy and does not guarantee that their writeup won't be nuked for other reasons.

Advice. The CST has developed a certain expertise in the application of the E2 copyright policy through significant hands on experience applying it to a wide variety of writeups.  This experience is a resource that can be tapped by the E2 community and the CST intends to respond to copyright-related questions from any source.  It is important to note however that none of the CST members have professional legal experience and the E2 management has the final word in all cases.

Rescue or Removal. Typically the CST_Group attempts to work with authors to bring writeups into compliance with the E2 copyright policy. When this process fails, the CST_Group includes Content Editors, who take responsibility for removing non-compliant writeups from the database as required.

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