Recently I started to notice these odd commercials pertaining to crustless bread. I never had this problem, but apparently some children cannot stand bread crust on their tasteless, pliable white bread, so their parents have to cut it off. IronKids, a subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation, has answered the call for pre-packaged crustless bread. The ad campaign has some $10 million appropriated to it, and for good reason; the bread is going to command a fairly high price of $2.26 per 16-oz loaf, a premium of about $0.20-0.50. The crust is removed removed before being packaged, and is then used for other products such as croutons or breading.

Personally, I think this idea is pure genius. People are willing to pay substantially more for less product for the sake of convenience. White bread is not especially nutritious to begin with, and removing the crust cannot possibly be good in that respect. However, if you have a child who is absolutely adamant about not eating crust, this could save considerable time and effort.

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