- a very local and specialized (localized and specialized to Washington, D.C.) BBS in the early and mid 90's which eventually evolved into a UBBS powered web bulletin board; is of note because of the number of text-based/dial-up patrons from the early days who are still there, participating, and actually running everything. A very well written history and explanation of how everything that is now became what it is is available, and makes for good reading.

Crunchland is rather clubby and has managed to remain fairly obscure when compared to media-darling juggarnauts like Metafilter, and is still quite friendly and welcoming to new folks. If E2 and Metafilter are the Sex Pistols and the Clash, then Crunchland is the smaller and more entertaining punk band that nobody knew existed at the time but we all hear old and new trendsetters alike John Lydon and Malkmus constantly claiming they've always been fans of.

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