A German (English version is available) mail and news (also for non-Usenet groups like Zerberus and Fido) application for DOS that was incredibly widely used in the early nineties and still has a remarkable number of loyal followers. It has great features to organize and search for users and messages and is perfect for building Usenet archives. It is also famous for its tagline "## CrossPoint v3.1 ##", which could not be turned off in early versions of the program. Because it was so widely used, there were heated arguments in some groups about the unnecessary traffic that this tagline causes. Don't laugh, those were the days.

The original program was developed by Peter Mandrella. It has been open-sourced in December 1999 to ensure continued development. It is now being ported to various platforms, at a remarkable speed (the fact that it's written in Pascal has lead to a high participation rate), including OS/2 and a Windows native version. You can find out more about it at <www.openxp.de> (German).

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