Things you'll need for this one:
A microwave
A bowl of oatmeal
A cookie
A spoon
And a bit of willingness to try something completely different

Start with oatmeal (I'm assuming you know how to cook oatmeal, if not there are instructions right on the box). After you've cooked the oatmeal as per the directions, you put it into the bowl as usual, I know this sounds plain, but I'm going somewhere with this, trust me.

If you don't have any cookies available you may have to make some, but by then the oatmeal is going to be cold, so I recommend you have some cookies already made, or you have some packaged cookies or something. From this point on you take the already baked cookie and throw it into the microwave on high for around a minute or until the center begins to caramelize. Once you have that you simply drop it into the bowl of oatmeal and mash it into there. You now have what I call "cookie oatmeal"

I was inspired to try this one day while I was walking through the DFAC with a bowl of oatmeal. I peered over the sneeze barrier and wondered "where could the brown sugar have gone?". Dismayed, I got to some quick thinking and pulled a cookie out of a bin. I wondered how I'd use the cookie to improve my oatmeal. I brought my breakfast back to my office and set it all down. I thought quickly and put the cookie on a small piece of paper towel and set it into the microwave and set it for two minutes. After one minute it was kind of sizzling and caramelizing, so I pulled the cookie back out and dropped it on my oatmeal, mashed it up, and started eating.

The results were, needless to say, good enough to post on E2

    I used a macadamia nut cookie first, I wound up with solid bits of crunchy goodness scattered throughout, it caramelized well in the microwave, but didn't blend well into the oatmeal.
    A chocolate chip cookie caramelizes a little roughly, but the chocolate gets all melty, gooey, and awesome and it blends in like a charm, definitely a good idea (suggested by tanktop)
    I was a little skeptical about using an oatmeal raisin cookie (by C-Dawg's suggestion), but then I decided to go ahead and try it and it worked well! It added a slightly cinnamon-ey taste to it (not to mention the addition of raisins).

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