As i was sitting here noding a few minutes ago, i happened to glance at the window to see that the light leaking through was the yellow color of my E2 background. Curious, i walked outside and was bathed in bright yellow light. The sun is blazing under a black cloud to the northwest, shining through a thin veil of rain, which has given it a yellow tint. The cloud is ragged around the edges, but the rain in the middle of the cloud has smoothed it to a dull yellow-grey. Behind the cloud I'd be able to see the hills, but the trees in the park are too tall. I really should be riding my bike to the edge of town instead of sitting here in my room.

The main storm that passed yesterday has left a lot of unstable air in the area, allowing for little bubbles of convective cumulus clouds to form as the sun heated the wet ground. I guess this one broke through the inversion layer and has become strong enough to drop some rain. It isn't a big storm by any means, it probably won't even be able to produce any lightning or hail. But it is strong enough to add a distinct color and feel to the air, and to suck in wind - as i glanced at the storm the wind was at my back.

The sun is setting, and as soon as it is gone the storm will die. Warm air will cease feeding into it and it will collapse into a brief downpour, a few miles north of town. Then the air will wait, pensive, for the next cold front tomorrow night.

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