100 word challenge/miniquest in the style of grundoon's: Tell me of the nature of love.

Rules: 100 words or less, otherwise anything goes.

I am having an ongoing discussion with my friend, about connecting and disconnecting. He disconnects. He says he doesn't know what I am talking about. I have difficulty explaining something that seems as clear as daylight. As a child in an alcoholic household I learned to disconnect when things were not safe, which is often. I connected when I could. My connection with my sister was continuous and my connection with my children is continuous. It does not mean that I text them 47 times a day. We contact each other every week or two. But the connection remains open.

He says of course he disconnects when he goes to work/is busy. Ok, but then it exists.

So: does this connection exist? Do you stay connected or disconnect? What is "normal"?

Nonsense poetry, serious poetry, short essays, rants, scientific exposes, all are welcome. Up to 100 words, as a pile on node. Spin off nodes will also be considered....

This quest is live from December 7 to December 27th. You may pile on this node or connect by messaging me.

PRIZES! SECRET PRIZES! One prize is winner's choice: either a small original etching made by lizardinlaw/grudoon's mother OR if you'd rather, lizardinlaw will sing the 18 patient Blues into the voicemail of the US Senator of your choice.

Useful: E2 Word Counter

I don't like redheads!
Physically, chemically, sexually, I wanted you. I didn't have words yet to frame those concepts.

He gave me his phone number, he must like me!
But you never asked me to dance.

He rarely talks to me. I won't be risking his friendship if he says no.
You didn't say no.

Most people buy dinner for a third date. Not a computer.
I didn't say no.

I wish he would reply when I tell him about my feelings!
You listen, think, then quietly make the changes you need to make.

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