A mental illness present in 98% of men. The disease is present at birth but doesn't manifest itself until the onset of puberty, when large amounts of testosterone (the main cause of the affliction) are released into the circulatory system. From then on it's effects are chronic, although they may be slightly alleviated during old age.

The disease manifests itself as an extreme neurosis in which the male experiences an extreme longing to return to his first home. This drive competes with and sometimes overrides instincts which ensure survival. The men, with certain, rare exceptions, don't attempt to navigate the exact same canal they used to enter the world but, rather seek another one, (almost any other one)making the instinct somewhat similiar to the house-scavenging of the hermit crab. Although, unlike the hermit crab, the male humans have outgrown the home they seek, and so, inevitably fail every time, managing only to get a couple fingers or a phallus in the door, though it never discourages them. Since the idea of a man even trying to climb into their uteruses seems to frighten most women, men don't get to make the attempt as often as they'd like. (Which, for most men, is all the time.)

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