You surprised me, I never expected you to say that, not knowing what you know about me. When, before, you said you only liked me as a friend I figured that you probably just couldn't handle my issues. And, I accepted that. I moved on...

So, although you hinted at it the other day, I wasn't really expecting last night. And, what you said, and what you feel, are the most wonderful compliment I have ever received.

But, in the past two months I have been doing a lot of exploration into what I really need to be fulfilled romantically. And, I know how that two months ago I would have done almost anything for a chance with you, but since then I have learned more and more about you and what you are capable of giving. I am amazed, literally amazed, at how much you have opened up in that time, at how expressive you have become, and it is wonderful. I hope that it keeps coming, that you continue on this path of self exploration. And I have learned more and more about me.

I have accepted that there are certain things I need emotionally, and in the bedroom, that I can't be truly satisfied without. No matter how badly I want to be loved, or how badly I want someone to love, I can't compromise on these. Two months ago I thought maybe you would be able to give me that, that if we got together those parts of you would come to the surface. Now, I think that they will someday, but not today, not in time for us right now.

Know that I care for you. Know that I will be there for you.

Know that you are one of maybe 3 men on the planet I would ever think of sleeping with. ;)

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