Latin name: Amphiprion (family name).

Also called the anemonefish for reasons explained below, the clownfish is a small fish about 3cm long. Most species are bright orange or yellow, and has two or three white bands with black edges running vertically across the body. There are hundreds of species of clownfish around the world, all found wherever you would find anemones.

Clownfish live symbiotically with the sea anemone, often hanging out in the midst of the anemone's stinging tentacles. It is believed that the fish can get away with this because it secretes a chemical in its slime coat that is also used by the anemone to keep it from stinging its own tentacles. In return for the safe haven the anemone provides for the clownfish, the fish keeps it clean, and feeds on the small animals that would otherwise eat the anemone's tentacles. It also can act as bait for the anemone.

Clownfish make a colorful addition to any aquarium, and are one of the few fish that can be safely put in an aquarium with sea anemones.

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