While originally intended for the deaf and the hard-of-hearing, closed captioning has become something much more. Indeed, CC can dramatically improve your TV watching.

Times when closed-captioning is useful:

  • David Duchovny speaks
  • British TV
  • Background music begins playing, and you don't get the metaphorical importance of it
  • Your two-year old sister walks in and exposure to vulgarities may stunt her development
  • Various rap, hip-hop, and Backstreet Boys songs
  • TV recorders on PC's that search through CC text for keywords
  • To see the original dialogue before editing was done (like on The Simpsons)
  • So that the black background of the boxes covers up the ever present network logos (that CBS eye gets to me...)
  • To better develop one's vocabulary ("alarming" and "disturbing" from the evening news promos)
    And of course:
  • The ability to see the future by knowing people's lines before they say them

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