Ci*vil"i*ty (?), n.; pl. Civilities (#). [L. civilitas: cf. F. civilit'e. See Civil.]


The state of society in which the relations and duties of a citizen are recognized and obeyed; a state of civilization.


Monarchies have risen from barbarrism to civility, and fallen again to ruin. Sir J. Davies.

The gradual depature of all deeper signification from the word civility has obliged the creation of another word -- civilization. Trench.


A civil office, or a civil process


To serve in a civility. Latimer.


Courtesy; politeness; kind attention; good breeding; a polite act or expression.

The insolent civility of a proud man is, if possible, more shocking than his rudeness could be. Chesterfield.

The sweet civilities of life. Dryden.

Syn. -- Urbanity; affability; complaisance.


© Webster 1913.

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