An Everything Recipe just for you!

First, you must get a bunny. If your local grocery store or the pet store in the mall doesn't carry bunnies, you will have to catch one for yourself. Go out to a field early in the morning (bunnies are nocturnal!) and make loud bunny noises until a bunny comes out to look at you. Then chase it until you catch it. You must run very fast! When you catch the bunny, put it in your bunny sack and take it home.

Next, you must kill the bunny. There are many ways to kill a bunny. Some people stab it with a knife or shoot it with a gun. Some people will hold the bunny very tightly, then bite its head off (Never kiss these people!). I like to keep the bunny in the sack, then swing the sack around and smash it into the floor over and over and over. If I get tired, I will drop big rocks onto the sack until the bunny stops moving. Then it's time to cook!

First, cut the bunny up and pick out any bones or hair or carrots you can find. Then take a frying pan and put it on the stove. Turn the burner up to "High" and put in a tablespoon of butter to get the pan greasy. Then you must make the batter. Take a cup of flour, a half cup of milk, a teaspoon of paprika, and a teaspoon of garlic, and mix them together. Then stir in a quarter cup of cocaine. When this is all done, take the bunny bits and dip them in the batter until they're wet all over. Drop them in the pan and let 'em cook a little. Flip them over so they get fried on both sides. Watch out for spatters!

When they're golden brown all over, take 'em out (use tongs or the grease will burn you!) and put 'em on a plate. While the bunny is cooling, pour the grease in a jar and save it--grease has lots of vitamins and nutrients and tastes really good! When the bunny is cool enough to eat, pour some ketchup and horseradish on it and dig in! Mmmm Yummy!

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