Today's challenges to get home:

1. Up at 3:45, shower, finish packing, tea.
2. Car at 4:30. We drive to Detroit.
3. Carry on and check bag, oxygen concentrator, purse, go and check bag.
4. Find bathroom. Two floors down.
5. Security. Take oxygen off. While short of breath remove shoes, coat, camera, computer and stack in trays. Add carry on and little bag of things like toothpaste. Decide that you probably put the 2 inch swiss army knife in the checked bag.
6. Try to put it all back together. Leave camera out, screw it.
7. Find coffee.
8. Decide not to ride the little red train in the Delta Hub. The really cool fountain is turned off.
9. Find gate.
10. Curse at two masks, glasses and nasal cannula. Bigger ears would help. Take the oxygen tubing off so now only three things are pulling your ears down instead of four. Switch from old back up glasses to glasses where one can read that broke yesterday and dig laptop out again.
11. Write something. Challenging writing at house with no internet, preloading brackets and then putting up on E2. The brackets keep falling off along the way. Correct yesterday's fallen off brackets.
12. Finish dumb novel and leave in seat.
13. Stuff the camera back in the bag.
14. Preload on plane with oxygen and all the other crap. Hope you get to sit by the Disguised Marshall again.
15. Enjoy plane taking off.
16. Watch two minutes of microtv and fall asleep.
17. Land safely in Seattle at 10:45 am.
18. Two plus hours to home.
19. Park car.
20. Greet cats. Hope they are not too pissed off. Hooray!

Made it, though detour to call AAA as car missed me and broke down. I had to ride a tow truck and wait for a ride home. Hooray for home!

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