cdrecord is a program for relatively troubleless CD-R burning in Linux (and other *NIX platforms, I've heard.) It's not as powerful as cdrdao, but is very easy to understand (doesn't need separate track list file, like cdrdao), and does the job if nothing complicated is needed. It can also automagically understand some audio formats (WAV, PCM and .cdr, the properly padded CD audio file that sox can convert to).

Typical usages for the impatient: (Please use -scanbus parameter to find out your device number.)

Burning an ISO 9660 image to first device on SCSI bus (0,0,0) at speed 8, with verbosity.
cdrecord -v -speed 8 dev=0,0,0 -data diskimage.iso
Burning audio tracks from .wav files with same parameters
cdrecord -v -speed 8 dev=0,0,0 -audio track1.wav track2.wav track3.wav <...>

-dummy option is useful for dry runs.

Notes: If you use .wav as audio format, note that no conversion is done - so if you use mono sounds or 22050 Hz sample rate, you're not doing fine! Also, the sound needs to be padded automatically which is not necessarily bad, but sometimes it leaves audible pop to end of the audio tracks.

For maximum success chances, convert the tracks to "cdr" format with sox and burn those files: sox track1.wav track1.cdr

(And don't rely on mpg123's --cdr flag. It has this same sample rate and channel problem mentioned earlier, and doesn't pad either.)

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