A 'cash crop' typically refers to a plant grown by farmers because it can be sold for a large amount of cash. A cash crop will not normally be of use to the farmer for any other reason than its monetary value.

One example of a cash crop is 'oilseed rape'

Cash Crop is a slot machine produced by WMS Gaming, (the gambling branch of Williams the arcade game manufacturer). This is an electronic slot machine, with a monitor instead of actual reels. The theme of this particular machine is that of a Country Farmer. This is a nine line machine with a total of 5 reels, and different versions will accept anywhere from 1 to 90 coins. This machine is usually takes 5 cent tokens, but some casinos have 25 cent and 1 dollar versions of this machine.

The symbols in this game are all farming related, (bugs, carrots, tractors, farmers, and similar items are most common). The object of course is to line up matching symbols on any of the machines paylines. But there are also three different bonuses that I will detail below.

Harvest Bonus

The "Harvest Bonus" is triggered by lining up three farmer symbols on any active payline. You then go to an animated screen where you can select from different vegetables for bonuses. One or more of the veggies will have a gopher attached. Selecting the gopher will end the bonus round. The bonus game will repeat with higher payout if you manage to pick all of the non gopher veggies.

Ladybug Pay

You will be rewarded with 10X your total bet when three ladybug symbols appear anywhere on the reel. (If you bet 45 coins then you will win 450 coins).

County Fair

The "County Fair" bonus is triggered by lining up two identical vegetables and a vegetable basket. This brings you to an animated scene where you get to select two opponents (from about a half dozen "hicks"). Then it will go to a winners screen where you and each of your opponents will be ranked either first, second, or third. This gives you a bonus (with higher bonuses awarded for higher ranking). It doesn't matter which opponents you select, because the outcome is totally random.


WMS licensed the theme song to the old TV show Green Acres for this game.

This game, (like most electronic lot machines), gives the majority of it's payout through the bonus round. You will find that your money quickly goes down the drain if you do not manage to hit the bonus round from time to time.

From the WMS Gaming website
Cash Crop will allow players to harvest some hearty profits with our entertaining 5-reel, 9-line video slot based on an interactive farming theme. Players help Farmer Brown pick ripe vegetables worth credits before hungry gophers gobble them up. And with comical cartoons and symbols like ladybugs, worms, tractors, barns, a variety of vegetables and even the "Green Acres" theme song, players will really "dig" the farming action

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