what donuts are made of.

well, okay, not really. let me explain...

Once upon a time (the summer after 8th grade, to be precise), my best friend and i were walking to dunkin donuts. i was salivating at the prospect of getting some boston kremes, but he said he wasn't going to get any donuts. As we walked, he told me this story:

His older brother used to work at Dunkin' Donuts. After a couple months working there, he quit, and he told his family never to get donuts there. When asked about it, he said that in the back, where they make all the donuts, they have this huge block of butter. I guess you use a lot of butter in making donuts. Apparently they routinely found dead rats in the block of butter - the rats would climb (or slip) into the container, and then find they couldn't get back out.

"So," I said when the story was finished, "that's what donuts are made of. Butter and rats. mmmMMmmmm."

The Boston Kremes were especially good that day.

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