The result of ass sweat and pinchin' loaves. Fucking disgusting.

When someone has a sweaty ass, and they sit on the toilet seat, their ass tends to breathe on the seat leaving a line of perspiration on the back portion of the seat. And, often, this sweat mark also contains ass lint and/or ass hair.

If you've never seen this before, you either live with clean people or don't look before you sit. But, trust me, this phenomenon exists.

The simple solution to the butt breath problem is to wipe the toilet seat when you're done, eg. look before you leap off the fucking toilet and run back to your TV show or computer game. And have some respect for your fellow bathroom users. But the fact that many people don't even bother to flush or wash their hands when they're finished defecating, leads me to believe that wiping the toilet seat when finished would be completely out of the question.

Wait, there's more:
Butt breath is not confined to toilet seats. It also occurs through people's pants!! In the summertime, people's crumby asses sweat leaving damp lines on the seats of buses, subways, lecture halls... Pretty much any public chair is prone to this violation.

People are gross.

Butt breath also refers to smokers' breath.

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