Bush Doofs are wonderful things. They represent the convergence of technology, the natural environment, and culture. It is an Aussie Colloquialism. Doof is another word for a rave or techno party, originating from the sound of the 4/4 techno beat (it's no coincidence that the term became widely used when hardcore techno was popular).

A bush doof is one that takes place in the Aussie bush. It probably has a lineage in the bush dances that our parents used to attend, to rock'n'roll and bootscoot, genetically cross-bred with the summer of love, all-nighters and psylocybin.

There is a vast difference between city raves and the bush doof. The godmother of bush doofing in Oz is Earthcore. See my 600K Quicktime VR image (with mp3 audio) of an earthcore at: http://www.themaestro.net/dsp/gallery/QT_gallery/source/1.html The first Earthcore started in 1991 with a few hundred attendees, and has since grown to over 5000 partygoers at recent Earthcore events. They have also been getting longer - the first ones usually went for one night only, but now there are doofs that go for 3 days to a week.

There are many other bush doof crews putting on parties. These include Beats Around the Bush, Psycorroboree, Raindbow Serpent and Tranceplant. These parties are usually non-profit, and put their proceeds back into environmental activities. Tranceplant is particularly GREAT. the idea is that we party in the bush, but we also give something back. So you get to the party early, and the organizers give you saplings and show you where to plant them. You are contributing to forest re-generation, and having a great time simultaneously. It is really amazing how good planting a tree feels, and then you get to go and dance all night. Instead of being in a smoky, dingy nightclub, you are in all the splendour of nature. The acoustics are much better too, with no walls for the sound to reverberate off. I have even witnessed cicadas syncronising their buzzing rhythm with the beat! Sunrise is amazing at a bush doof.

Upcoming events include the huge Tribal Mega-Gathering, a nomadic doof winding its way across the county towards the central Australian Desert.

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