When my sight was young and my years were few, I was so scared of after-life stories and religions that could haunt my everyday worries. I decided that my beliefs were my own and what i wanted must be true. I believe differently now but this is what i believed when i was young:

One day I imagined myself as a fictional character simular to Godzilla. I went around smashing any bug i could see outside or inside for that matter. I loved to kill spiders. Burn them. Smash them with hammers. Pull off their legs and torture every kind of bug I could find.

Then one day when I was only about 8 I had the ugliest thing happen to me, it was as if I had an ugly nightmare in daytime with my eyes open. I envisioned that when I died I would then become the first bug that I had killed. This left me to believe and dream up a concept that after I died I would reincarnated into the first bug I ever killed and would then watch myself as a giant kill me. I would then repeat the process for every other bug I killed.

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