boss i wish you had told me
you were going to print
me again i have been waiting
these last fifty or so
years it s the nature of the
cockroach to wonder about
these things humans have
their troubles but simply
sometimes i think an ear
to the ground is all it
takes i am going on one
hundred and fifteen in the fall
i have made a smooth
transition to the modern world
the cars are faster and you
have come up with new ways
to kill cockroaches but
time will show they work
as badly as the old ones
there are three young female
cockroaches who hang
around here now they bring
me scraps of food sometimes
but dont believe i am
a literary legend i wish you
would leave the old times
clippings out some time i
am tired of tapping my cane
out and talking about old archy
all the time these are sad
days still the world is safer
for a cockroach now boss
mehitabel the cat has been
dead forty three years


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