Perhaps one of the coolest websites ever, Book-A-Minute (available at: carries mostly-accurate, usually-hilarious, and always-entertaining ultra-short summaries of books. The website is divided in 3 categories as of this writing: classics, science-fiction and fantasy, and bedtime. There is also a companion site, movie-a-minute.

Book-A-Minute summaries are the Cliff's Notes of Cliff's Notes. Though I wouldn't recommend reading them for essays or other tests, more often than not the sarcastic commentary serves to fittingly describe the general attitude of the books. And, hell, I can't say I haven't done this more than once myself...

As an example, here is the Book-A-Minute summary of Ender's Game:


The government let my parents conceive me because they hope to mold me into the ultimate military commander.


Ender, become the ultimate military commander and go defeat the buggers.

(He does.)


Horror. I'm only nine years old, and I have already eradicated an entire species. I thought it was a game, but it was for real. I will fret about this in the sequels.


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