The parenthetical to part one of DJ Shadow's track What Does Your Soul Look Like?. As far as I know, he didn't associate any specific meaning to his little phrase, but I think it really bears quite a soothing notion. To me, a 'blue sky revisit' is this: it begins the night before, when the darkness creates a veritable tomb around a feeble mind. A tomb of needles and brown recluses. All your thoughts are agitated and you end up agitated, and usually you're not aware of the night's ulterior materialization. The night is not an apt time to brood. I wonder how many times thoughts of one's mortality were distended and perused along the backdrop of a dimmed ceiling. The bed sometimes seems a coffin, I know, I can attest.

After these painful nocturnes, here is what I specifically call the blue sky revisit, and its name allows me to be brief. Revisit your abyssal moments of grief with the consolatory light of day (if you can even recall them). See how inversely you feel about the thoughts. I've sometimes even felt death's (alleged) gravity be reduced to the weight of the daily birdsong.

And if you don't feel any better? Yes, well....

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