A bite plate is an orthodontic tool used to reduce the grinding of the teeth at night while sleeping.

It consists of a plastic 'cap' for either the upper or lower set of teeth. The mold for this cap or plate is created by process of taking an impression of the teeth with either putty, or some kind of quick drying plasticine. This is then used to create the individualized bite plate.

The plate is then worn at night and offsets the grinding of the teeth by

1. Placing a secondary surface bettween the upper and lower teeth.
2. This barrier also stimulates an involontary slacking of the jaw thereby training the mind not to clench the jaw muscles so tightly together.

Szlater adds:

A bite plate can also be used as a relocation device for performing stereotactic fractionated radiotherapy to the brain (for tumours and arteriovenous malformations). It's fitted to a metal frame which is worn on the head, the bite plate allows the frame to be removed and then replaced in exactly the same position thereby allowing the treatment to be given with an accuracy of about 2mm.... which is important when you're irradiating the brain.

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