The female equivalent to the male 'idiot-chromosome', bitch-factor is verbal slang for the measurement of excess drama and/or past relationship baggage deemed unfair/impossible to shoulder by current love interest/sexual partner's standards. Bitch-factor is commonly used within the confines of male gymnasium locker rooms(both high school and university level), often as a weak defensive tactic to conceal the speaker's damaged ego from peers and better protect his future street credibility with the ladies. (ex: "Nah dawg, I didn't get any play. Ho had mad-bitch factor.")

Bitch-factor, when properly administered in an open area to the intended male(often nerf-brained soon-to-be ex- boyfriends and/or catcalling ass-scratching types) can cause extreme mental trauma and/or repetitive, hollered phrases of,"OHHhhh shiznit, homey got played!" and "Dang bro, you got schooled!" by said victim's colleagues.

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