Beer Shit was a regional specialty beverage in upstate New York from 1976-1984. Long before the O'Dell's and other specialty craft beer makers came along, Beer Shit (yep, that was the name) was a rare specialty brew that came in the bottles with the metal locking mechanisms for the cap. To be honest, I'm surprised it didn't come in a mason jar with a rusty lid.

Everyone in my high school who drank beer knew the kid whose father brewed up this stuff and sold it in several area stores. The boy was invited to every party and he always brought a couple of wooden 24-bottle racks of Beer Shit with him. If he was trying to get into some girl's bellbottom jeans, he would bring the bottles that had a dab of blue wax on the cap. Those were theoretically not for sale, as they were above the legal limit for alcohol content (8-10% if I remember). I'm not a beer drinker, so I never drank the stuff. I tended to be the guy who drove people home and smooched the pretty girls who were pissed that the boy who brought them to the party was drunk again.

The bottles were dark brown and had a black and white label declaring BEER SHIT in all capital letters. The taste varied batch by batch because the brewer tended to throw all kinds of shit into the fermentation vessel to tweak the flavor. Apparently some batches were pretty much shitty beer, and those are the ones that he gave away to friends or enemies. Some batches would give you the squirting poopsies so he would leave the batch where people he didn't like would find them.

When I was off in college the brewer died in a snowmobiling accident while driving drunk. His son decided to fold the company and sold everything off.

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